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Curl up in a quilt with a good book and get ready for an adventure—

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J.R. Armstrong is a fourth-generation born Detroiter, raised in southeast Michigan. In the 5th grade, she wrote a sci-fi story for a class assignment that hooked her on writing. After college, she married, and J.R. and her husband spent a month traveling across the USA—planting the seeds for a lifelong passion to travel, research, meet people along the way, and introduce them to her books.

J.R. wrote “Owe It to the Wind” and “Truly, Everything” in eleven cities, on two continents, and a Caribbean island.  Both books won First Place in ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Awards for Romance. "Truly, Everything" was also a Finalist in the Eric Hoffer and Indie Excellence Awards.


J.R. Armstrong is creative, spontaneous, and has always had a vivid imagination. She loves to collect malapropisms—seeing the wrong word when reading too quickly. One of her recent malapropisms was reading “Ideas for a root canal and what to put in it”, instead of “Ideas for a root cellar and what to put in it.” Much to her children's dismay, J.R. can occasionally be found sledding during a snowstorm, and she hopes to try out the luge in western Michigan, someday.


When she's not writing, you’ll find J.R. quilting, sewing, knitting, or curled up with a good book. She loves to read and write mystery, romance, books with some

quirkiness to the story.

Are you ready for an adventure?

Book covers of published books, "Owe It To the Wind", "Truly Everything", "Beg(ga)(h e)r

Enter J.R. Armstrong's world

Terror strikes a small town as a murderer, dubbed the Switch Killer, stalks the backcountry roads. Stumped, local police tap psychic Phoenix Sebastian for clues and hire the handsome and enigmatic newcomer, Lieutenant Rand Montano. Before long, Phoenix is forced to question everything she ever believed in and held dear. As this small town quilt of characters unfolds, long-held secrets slowly unravel, leaving many to reconsider what they are willing to risk for true love and happiness. Meanwhile, is the killer much closer than anyone realizes? If so, why isn't Phoenix picking up on it?

 First in a Trilogy—The Switch Killer Series

Book cover of "A Tin Box of Matches", smoke, flames, antique tin matchbox

In Book #2 of the Switch Killer Series, Detective Brad Storm continues to unearth clues to his new co-worker's secret.

The Switch Killer hits close to home.

 Second in a Trilogy—The Switch Killer Series


Visit a small hometown in Michigan where two young lovers facing separation after graduating high school, make a pact to meet in five years. Will the thousands of miles and their individual goals prevent them from reuniting?

Book cover of "Owe It To The Wind" by J.R. Armstrong

Head to the remote woods of Canada with the sequel to "Owe It to the Wind", where a chance encounter brings two young lovers, separated for thirteen years, together once again. After a life-altering accident, can their love continue amidst mystery, confusion, and deception? 

Book cover of "Truly, Everything" by J.R. Armstrong, woman looking to sky

Journey to the Pacific Northwest where  it's time for the girls-only annual getaway, and the ladies are looking forward to a fun-filled, relaxing trip with good food, drinks, shopping, and lots of late-night conversation. But DeMaris wants to shake things up a bit. She informs her friends that she would like them to assume new identities. For the entire time they're together, they can be anybody they like. What can possibly go wrong?
DeMaris. Just having her along is a recipe for disaster, meaning it's another vacation that lands the girls exactly where they don't want to be . . . in trouble once again.

book cover of "Beg(ga)(he)r", parrot holding keys in beak

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